5 Places I’ll Love to Travel To

I love traveling, let me just add that if I’m given the option, I might choose to do it everyday. Here is a list (trust me, it’s not exhaustive) of places I will like to visit. 1. Marrakech, Morocco 2. Tokyo, Japan 3. Kajuru Castle, Kaduna(Nigeria) 4. Alcatraz island, San Francisco, California 5. Seychelles. Advertisements

10 Things That Make Me Happy

#musewriteschallenge Day 1. Ten things that really make me happy. 1. Talking to the people I love: if you know me well, you will know that I like to talk; about our dreams and aspirations, plans and how to actualize them. Pick my brain, let me pick yours…very sweet something! 2. When someone really listens […]


Therein the fights lie.carry your crosstapered bridgeson speedy lights runlost pursuitfire drips,liquidunder fine prints of black- breakthroughtoppling points,sharp enough,snap throughblunt edges in persons. your heavy hands bear the burdenfeathers fan your face too lightly.take cover after the doors close.


Pathways lead us to where we have yet treaded a decade before A voice in the wilderness led … Walk on a golden thread The known land has become a home For celebrating blind ceremonies Dancing to chords and tunes dictated Terrific display of moves Power moves, from our feet, to thumbs To the swirl […]

Me Too

Think. Will your sons take after you? Taste it. The water that runs in your mouth when it goes dry Hear them in your sleep, drops of salt Look unto the four angles Let your heart brake to a stop See your world, Children, life, Days, body, Flash before your eyes in two seconds Just […]


We are holding our breaths and counting each second to know which will be the last, or when a savior, anything; a symbol, a great shake to put all this to an end, somewhere behind us.  We tried to leave unnoticed: a struggle between the Tilapia and Fisherman. All night long, Fisherman is on watch, […]