The way she walks, the way she talks.

There’s a twinkle in her eyes when she mentions the latest recipe she learnt from her online classes with There’s an ever present despondency, hovering in the sky under which she walks.

“It’s just a phase for the both of us , it’ll surely pass. ”

She tells Tade, her best friend and mentor who is sitting cross-legged, on an antique sofa across the room.

” Keep trying to make yourself believe that. If I didn’t know better for once I’d believe your bullshit”, he drawled.

He is angry and she knows it, but right now, she could care less.

“How do you expect me to come to terms with your sudden ‘declaration of love!” she shot back.

His calm demeanor right now makes her seethe inside. Why now, after all these years? He had played the “big brother” role while she had jumped from one relationship to another, making a fool of herself.

“I know you are confused and mad at me right now.” “You know what you really want, think about it.” I’m always here for you ”

Sighing, she picked up her phone to check for any new mails. Of course he knew her too well, who was she kidding? Wistfully, she thought of how he had seen her through her lowest times; mindless spontaneity and its consequences.

There’s nowhere else to run.

But stalling lifts the pressure, if only for a few days.

“I really need to get some rest, we’ll deal with all these tomorrow, ”

Tomorrows come in abundance.


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