Is It That Hard?

So I  put up this picture as my Whatsapp display picture and I’ve been getting varieties of comments, one of which read:

“If you’re hard to love, then it’s weakness on your part that you need to change/ work on”.

My thoughts?

IT👏IS👏NOT👏THAT👏HARD👏 and is definitely not a weakness! wp-image--1861733584

Let me get this straight, I am a lot of things; I’m a nut case (if you know, you know) and even I get tired of myself sometimes but irrespective of how I feel at any point in time, I love my crazy ass.(if I don’t, who will)? So before you come here with your terms and conditions, have it at the back of your mind that there’s a level of self-love I’ve splurged on myself that makes anything you bring just an “extra”.

The need to conform, to “be like” can be very depressing. Thinking there’s something I’m not doing right, a way I’m supposed to be or act, feelings I should rein in or let out, to fit into people’s opinion of “love”? Girl, please! If love had a criteria, I bet even saints won’t make heaven. I don’t want to get caught up in appealing to your expectations that I forget who I really am: a human, with flaws. 

I’m a work in progress and can never be the same thing (unless what you’re looking for is a chip-controlled robot). There are layers of tough skin I wear to cover a lot of things; to conceal the rough edges but beneath these is a vulnerability I can’t deny. 

Hence, there’s always room to learn, unlearn and improve on myself. And what is your love without a certain level of understanding and respect?

Again, if your love comes with rules, keep it, I’m good. 

Let me in on your thoughts and experiences… It’s no fun without your comments ❤

… It’s not that hard to bat your eyelids, It’s not that difficult to breathe. If you can’t love me today, don’t do tomorrow, when all these words will already be forgotten. And all that reminds me of you, are blurred lines. 





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