What Mothers Become

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Every day when your mother returns from the market It was you, always, who welcomes her at the door. You were her first child And she would always have a smile for you. It was the same smile she wore when the Midwife bundled you into her arms You…

My Love Story

I loved to read. Wetin I dey talk sef, I still love reading.Words take me places where I feel anything is possible, in my imagination and reality. I remember I used to read anything in sight; I looked forward to Daddy’s newspaper delivery every morning especially on weekends. Saturday and Sunday editions of Daily Sun […]

Is It That Hard?

So I  put up this picture as my Whatsapp display picture and I’ve been getting varieties of comments, one of which read: “If you’re hard to love, then it’s weakness on your part that you need to change/ work on”. My thoughts? IT👏IS👏NOT👏THAT👏HARD👏 and is definitely not a weakness!  Let me get this straight, I […]


Dear River, Your endless stretch amazes me Water, Your purity beguils me. I see over the horizon. Sea; so blue, a perfect hue, Reverence is due. From the East, West, North and spheres South, I come to you. Take my anguish Relieve my pain Let them to your ends flow Far beyond the sunset glow. […]


Lose it with the world Try it and thank me later Soothe the ache, Create a hole Fill one void We all are angry. Separate, divide Preach a thirst for freedom. Confused flock; Render hymns: songs of hope and loss Look closely, we drink from the same well. The epidemic only spreads. A cure we […]