Hi there, long time no post. I probably shouldn’t bother you with my life problems but I need a minute of your time to get this off my chest… So, here goes nothing…  Advertisements


Lose it with the world Try it and thank me later Soothe the ache, Create a hole Fill one void We all are angry. Separate, divide Preach a thirst for freedom. Confused flock; Render hymns: songs of hope and loss Look closely, we drink from the same well. The epidemic only spreads. A cure we […]


The way she walks, the way she talks. There’s a twinkle in her eyes when she mentions the latest recipe she learnt from her online classes with There’s an ever present despondency, hovering in the sky under which she walks. “It’s just a phase for the both of us , it’ll surely pass. ” […]

Beats And Peaces 

A story from Baba Agba, Under the Oak tree A woman…  Sporting torn Iro and buba A rare, wonderful sight… or not. The power of life and death Occupies one space Now I know, why her tongue has creases The apple that falls far from the tree Gets crushed or mashed Amope eleèke eebu No […]


It’s  just sad I am not afraid of death. Happily,  I’m only terrified for the life before it